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Organic Post Strategy to Generate Leads for Your Financial Firm

Struggling with social media content that engages your potential clients, maintains compliance goals, and generates leads? Here’s where to start:

Consistent, quality content is the key to growing your following and generating leads for your business. But that?s easier said than done when maintaining compliance standards and attempting to build rapport with your audience.

Posting just to post won?t help you grow your business or make sales. Those ?Happy National Ice Cream Day!? posts just don?t cut it in 2020.

You need a clear-cut strategy for posting great content that drives engagement, keeps your audience coming back for more, and leads potential clients to your FB page, LI profile, or website, where they can schedule a call or book a session to meet with you.

The 80-20 Rule for Social Media Content

At least 4 out of every 5 posts you create should give value to your customer, while the last one asks for something from them.

The value you give can be in lots of different areas, depending on your expertise. As a financial advisor, your posts will most likely take on an educational tone, and will help the everyday American better understand various areas of financial literacy.

  • Write a post that sums up the week?s stock market activity.
  • Give general budgeting tips.
  • Start an ?Investing 101? series, where you write or record videos about different aspects of choosing investments.
  • Issue reminders of upcoming tax deadlines.
  • Write about recent changes to tax laws or investing regulations.
  • Post inspirational quotes, either for general life or for saving or investing.
  • Talk about the value of your services to your customer.
  • Remind them why they should work with you instead of an investing app or another firm.

Sprinkle in fun posts with your educational ones.

  • Ask questions. Simple either/or questions are great for getting engagement.
  • Talk about local events. You?re a local-based business serving a specific geographical area. Post about goings on in your area, and become known as a local ambassador.
  • Let your clients in to some aspects of your personal life. Remember that you?re a real person and they will choose to work with you because they feel a connection to you.
  • Ask what aspect of budgeting, saving, or investing they?re struggling with. People love to tell their own stories and struggles.
  • The occasional cute cat pic or clean meme can do wonders for boosting your page?s engagement and relatability.

Once you have a handful of posts that give something to your customer, then you can ask them for something: to subscribe to your email list, download a PDF or ebook, or to book a discovery call.

Maintaining compliance regulations can be tricky here, but it is possible. This is a post I use with an existing client that gets them a few calls every time:

?Ready to talk about creating a plan for the retirement or your dreams? Or perhaps it?s a good time to review your existing plan? Now?s the perfect time to put in place your plan to “Retire Better.” Check out our website to get started with a Discovery Meeting today.? ?

The 80-20 Rule isn?t a hard-and-fast law, but it is a great place to start clarifying your content and content strategy to be more effective and generate more leads in less time.

Images for Success

Finally, remember to include appropriate images to include with as many of your posts as possible. To maintain compliance, remember you cannot use images that contain currency or dollar signs.

Instead, look for pictures of what I call “success bucket” photos. Look for pictures of your ideal client smiling, engaging in a fun activity, or looking happy and contented. These photos imply that working with you or following your advice, your clients will have the same reaction as those in your pictures.

Compliance Strategy

One of the hardest parts of creating content for your financial firm’s social media pages can be getting over the compliance hurdles. The top things to keep in mind for your post content are to never use words that imply guaranteed results or your firm being “the best,” and to never discuss specific recommendations for a client or group of clients.

Keep your words positive and speak to generalities and possibilities and you should be fine.

Images are a neccesity for social posts in the Instagram era, so be

The Three-Pronged Approach to Building Your Social Strategy

Organic social media content is just one prong of the three-pronged approach to social media you should be using to grow your client base online. Remember that paid ads and community building efforts act as complimentary tools to generating leads and building your client base. ?

If you?re looking for some help with putting this into practice, let’s chat. Email the team at Local-Social Marketing, and we can brainstorm what this will look like for your social media accounts.

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