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Financial Advisors, You?re Using Social Media All Wrong

Here?s the painful truth: You are probably investing your time and energy into the wrong social media platforms. While any social media presence is helpful, putting the focus on your LinkedIn profile at the expense of other platforms can be detrimental to your business. Here?s why:

Let me start by saying something that not all advisors realize: LinkedIn users are not coming to the platform to find help or advice. For most, unless they?re in the financial sector, your finance content isn?t even registering.

LinkedIn users are coming to the platform to further their career. They?re searching for a job, looking to network with others in their industry, or are trying to position themselves as experts. They are looking for people and opportunities that help them with specific goals.

A LinkedIn user may visit your profile to check out your credentials and get a feel for your expertise after coming across your name elsewhere, but it?s highly unlikely that potential clients will be heading to LinkedIn with the goal of finding an advisor.

With that in mind, more general social media platforms are better for growing your business and connecting with clients.

Of all the platforms, Facebook will give you the biggest bang for your buck. With 250 billion users who spend, on average, 50 minutes a day on the platform, the sheer number of connections you can make is key to growing your business.

(By comparison, LinkedIn has 300 million viewers who spend an average of 24 minutes per day on the platform.)

And, as investors of all ages become more comfortable with technology, it becomes imperative that you have an active social media presence. In 2017, 47% of investors using a financial advisor said that their advisor?s social media profiles were ?critical? for helping them choose an advisor. In 2020, it can be expected that this number has risen dramatically.

But, beyond the numbers game and the fact that having a social media presence is a must in today?s tech-heavy culture, the truth is that Facebook is where people go when they?re looking for something. In fact, Facebook helps its users find exactly what they?re looking for by formatting ?recommendation? posts differently than other types of posts, prioritizing them in the newsfeed.

Don?t believe me? Check out this screenshot. Right there on the post interface is a button to format a post specifically for asking for a recommendation.

The reason is this: Even as we increase our dependence on technology, we continue to value the input of real people. By asking our network of Facebook connections for a recommendation, we?re putting to use the power of word-of-mouth and real-life experiences.

So, how do you use the power of social media to make sure you?re the advisor recommended by your followers?

To effectively craft a social media strategy, you first need to understand the mindset of the social media user. Facebook users typically go there initially to relieve boredom.

They get their daily news fix, learn about new topics, watch some funny videos, and connect with people in a genuine way. They?re looking for quick tips, interesting facts, updates on friends? lives, entertaining videos and memes, and easily-digestible info on intense topics.

And, as a financial advisor, you?re uniquely positioned to provide all of these things and generate a loyal following while doing so.

The world of finance, investing, and stock markets is intimidating for many Americans. Use your platform for breaking down specifics of tax law, budgeting, investing, and the stock market into easy-to-understand bites of information. Your followers will turn to you, and recommend you, for advice and reassurance.

Here are some finance-themed post ideas for financial advisors on social media:

  • Planning for retirement
  • Investing 101 series
  • Budgeting 101 series
  • Social Security tips
  • Weekly 60-second ?market minute? videos (break down stock market trends)
  • Break down the latest tax or investing law changes as they happen
  • Reminders of deadlines
  • Reminders of why working with an advisor is so beneficial (limit to once every 5-8 posts)

Here are some things to avoid on your Facebook posts:

  • Article links. Facebook demotes these posts because it wants users to stay on the Facebook platform.
  • Constant pitches to work with you. Limit these to 1 every 5-8 posts.
  • Copied content from another page or firm.
  • Happy National ________ Day posts. Overdone, incensere, boring.

Give Your Page Some Personality

Think you can?t entertain or engage people because of compliance restrictions? While you could be right, depending on your company?s specific restrictions, chances are good that you?re still able to show some personality on your page without violating protocol.

  • If inspirational quotes are your thing, post one every week with a bit about what it means to you.
  • If your weekend hobby is running 5Ks, share photos from each new course you run or every completion medal you earn.
  • If you have a family, share a peek into your personal life.
  • Talk about ways you?re helping or volunteering in your local community.
  • Your finance firm is a local-based business. Talk about upcoming local events.
  • Share news about other businesses in your community, especially those whose offerings compliment yours.

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